The Lombardo Agenda for Government Transparency and Accountability

End Legislative Exemptions From Open Records Requests

Currently Nevada legislators have exempted themselves from open records requests that every statewide officer in Nevada is subject to. This holds them to a lower standard of transparency and accountability than other elected leaders in Nevada. Governor Lombardo supports Assemblywoman Heidi Kasama’s proposal to end these exemptions and ensure our legislators are accountable and transparent to the public. Governor Lombardo has expanded transparency for the executive branch of Nevada’s State Government, and believes the Legislative branch should do the same for itself amidst its rapid growth and expansion.

Pass an Open Meeting Law

Nevada legislators have carved out an exemption from open meeting laws for themselves so they can meet and discuss legislation behind closed doors, with zero transparency to the public about their discussions or considerations around bills. An open meeting law would require legislators to make their discussions public so that Nevadans can see into their considerations on the bills that affect their daily lives.

Require Full Disclosure of Legislators’ Conflicts of Interest

Multiple legislators, including Speaker Steve Yeager and Senate Leader Nicole Cannizzaro, have refused to disclose conflicts of interest when voting on legislation that benefits them personally. Requiring full disclosure will prevent legislators from hiding corruption that benefits themselves at the expense of taxpayers.

Require a 72-Hour Window for Legislation To Be Published Before Final Approval

Currently, bills can be passed by the Nevada legislature without sufficient time for legislators to review their full details. Giving legislators more time to review bills will improve the legislative process and better serve the public.

Give the Governor a Line-Item Veto

As we saw with the last session, the governor currently cannot eliminate legislative items that are detrimental or self-serving to lawmakers when he decides on signing bills. A line-item veto would allow the governor to better eliminate detrimental portions of legislation without having to veto or sign a flawed bill in full.