The Lombardo Agenda for Improving our Education System

Increase Opportunity Scholarship Funding

Opportunity scholarships allow children from low-income families to attend the school of their choice. These scholarships are an avenue for children in failing schools to get better educational opportunities. Governor Lombardo has proposed an additional $50 million in funding for opportunity scholarships to expand the program and help more families.

Expand School Choice

With many Nevada children stuck in failing public schools, school choice gives them an avenue to receive the education they are entitled to. Flexible zoning and expanded charter schools are key elements to Governor Lombardo’s education agenda for Nevada.

Bolster Accountability for Schools

Governor Lombardo initiated Nevada’s first-ever education audit to find areas in need of improvement in our schools. With record funding committed to Nevada’s public school system, and a renewed focus on Read by 3 and childhood literacy, Governor Lombardo’s administration is committed to ensuring every dollar spent goes toward helping students and teachers.