The Lombardo Agenda for Bringing Down the Cost of Housing

Support Congressional Efforts to Release Federal Land for Development

With over 80 percent of Nevada’s land owned by the federal government, the release of federal land is vital for Nevada’s continued growth. We need to use every tool in our state’s power to get the federal government to release more federal land for housing. Governor Lombardo will continue to work with our federal delegation and use his role to free up more land for development.

Streamline Affordable Housing Development

With home prices growing in recent years, housing remains one of the most pressing challenges facing Nevada families. Governor Lombardo is focused on cutting red tape and improving access to affordable housing by reducing involved fees and streamlining permitting for development.

Fight Federal Efforts to Restrict Public Land Use

In recent years, the federal government has used its powers to restrict land use in Nevada, not only burdening those who use that land, but also blocking access to potential natural resources. Governor Lombardo has stood against federal overreach when it comes to land use and will continue to oppose efforts to reduce access to Nevada lands.