The Lombardo Agenda for Our Economy and Cost of Living

Oppose Any New Tax Hikes on Nevada Families

Nevada has a well-earned reputation as a low-tax state with no state income tax and low property taxes. Governor Lombardo has made a pledge to veto any tax hikes that come to his desk.

Reduce Business and Commerce Taxes

Reducing the tax burden on small businesses is a top priority for Governor Lombardo’s administration. Cutting business and commerce taxes will allow Nevada businesses to become more competitive and create more jobs.

Improve Safety in Critical Tourism Areas

Tourism is one of our state’s key economic drivers, from the Las Vegas strip to our dozens of beautiful state parks. Ensuring the safety of tourists in Nevada is essential to preserving the future of this vital industry.

Streamline Licensing at State and Local Levels

Licensing in Nevada remains an obstacle for many occupations and prospective small business owners. Governor Lombardo hopes to make licensing laws more flexible to clear a path for small businesses and professionals across our state to thrive.

Refocus Economic Development on High-Wage Jobs

Nevada has had one of the nation’s fastest-growing economies for decades, but growth has largely remained concentrated in key industries. Expanding economic growth in emerging industries and areas that create high-paying jobs is the key to Nevada’s continued prosperity.